Emergency Light Testing

Emergency Lighting is a very important part of the safe evacuation process – without it, panic is a certainty. Try it, plunge your office into darkness and watch the reaction of your staff. Emergency Lighting is often overlooked because it is there doing nothing for most of its lifetime but should you need it as result of a fire or any other cause for a power cut, you will find it one of the most useful life-saving devices that you invested in.

It is law that Emergency lighting must conform to BS5266/BSEN1838, within this standard it clearly states that a programme of maintenance is carried out on a monthly/six monthly/annual basis and a log kept to show that you are abiding by the law. The monthly and six monthly tests can be carried out by a competent member of staff. However, the annual test is rather more complex and that is where Pure-PAT comes in. We offer a full annual check and certificate to keep in your logbook. The annual test involves switching of the lighting for a minimum of 3 hours which is why we recommend that the annual test be carried out in the evening or at the weekend when the inconvenience is minimised. In the case of newer buildings, this may not be necessary as the emergency lighting will be on a dedicated circuit which can be switched independently of the main lighting circuit).

Pure-PAT also offer an inspection service to determine that the emergency lighting design in your premises conforms to the standard above. It is essential that a safe evacuation route is properly illuminated and obstacles such as steps or deviations in the escape route are properly high-lighted and signage is correctly positioned.

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