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We provide a range of electrical testing services!


PAT TestingPAT Testing – Testing the safety of your electrical equipment

In PAT Testing (portable appliance testing), the bottom line is human life. So its our business to insure your safety is not compromised. We offer PAT Testing solutions that are affordable and meet the regulations of Health & Safety. more…

Socket TestingSocket Testing – Inspecting the safety of your sockets

Sometimes a socket can become cracked or damaged i.e. located behind a filing cabinet. A lot of companies are implementing this as part of their routine maintenance whist undertaking the Portable Appliance Testing for peace of mind.

Microwave TestingMicrowave Oven Testing – Testing the safety of your Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens use radiation to cook food. Over time Microwave ovens can deteriorate and leak potentially harmful emissions. At Pure-PAT we carry out Microwave emissions testing on all microwaves.

Fixed Wire TestingFixed Wire Testing (PIR) – Testing the safety of your fixed installation

Fixed wiring in all buildings should be checked generally between every 3 to 5 years to ensure it is safe. The modern day reliance on electricity to power everything in a building makes this even more essential than ever before. More…

Emergency Light TestingEmergency Light Testing – Testing you emergency light installation

Your emergency light system enables your staff to exit the building in the event of a fire or emergency. It is imperative that the light system is checked on a regular basis for to ensure correct activation in the even of a fire or emergency. More…

Thermal ImagingInfrared Thermal Imaging – Why use infrared?

A thermal imaging camera is a reliable non contact instrument which is able to scan and visualise the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of machinery and electrical equipment quickly and accurately. Thermography programs have contributed to substantial cost savings for many of our customers. more…